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 What is it?

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PostSubject: What is it?   Sun Oct 22 2017, 16:52

This forum is a very partial archive of the old, by Alex Kempf.
When the original shutdown, it was not only sad but to me it was a spat in the face of all the people that had ever contributed to the bulk knowledge contained there.
I contacted Alex at the time and asked him if he would be willing to at least provide a copy of the forum's contents.
I didn't necessarily want anything that was previously a comercial part of his service, like the files, tools, firmware repository - although it would have been very nice to have that saved up.
I didn't want the users or their e-mail addresses, in fact I specifically asked only for the forum database stripped of all it's users and their info (usernames, e-mails, passwords, etc).
His reply was quite raw "after giving it some thought, the answer is no.". I never tried to reach out after that, I figured he wouldn't change his mind.

The only other thing that I could do was resort to web caches, which unfortunately weren't that many and somewhat outdated.
That is the result of what you see here, a few web-caches that I decided to gather and preserve. This partial cache doesn't account for more than 0.5% of the entire original forum.

I apologize for not making this clear earlier on, I really should have.
I did it now because a lot of people have recently started to register frequently, apart from a few other dozen registrations in the past 2 years.
I decided to accept the registrations anyway, even though it's supposed to only be an archive.

Again, I'm sorry if you feel deceived.
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What is it?
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